Embedding Sexual Health & Safety Education Into An ABA Program | Ethics BCBA CEU Credits: 3


Behaviour Analysts are asked to provide education and programming across a wide range of areas of skill and knowledge development. There is an increasing awareness that sexual health and safety education is an area that Behaviour Analysts may have a role to play, particularly when working with autistic children and youth. This presentation will review some important areas where Behaviour Analysts can embed sexual health and safety education into existing ABA programming. We will focus on the importance of preventative teaching and how Behaviour Analysts can, and may already be, teaching sexual health and safety skills without even realizing


Landa has worked in the field of autism and disability support since 2003. Currently, her work focuses on sexual health, relationship, and safety education for autistic and neurodivergent people. Her work often centers around creating and modifying existing sexual health and relationship education to be meaningful, accessible, and inclusive. She also works to create behaviour support plans to address contextually inappropriate sexual behaviour.


  1. Participants will identify at least two areas of knowledge related to sexual health and safety education that they can easily embed within their ABA practice
  2. Participants will recognize at least two practices that can contribute to a culture of consent and body autonomy
  3. Participants will understand how various skills that may be developed through ABA programs can contribute to sexual health and safety
  4. Participants will be able to identify how the Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts applies to embedding sexual health education into their programing

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