Adults with Disabilities and Mental Health | Supervision BCBA CEU Credits: 3 | Behavior Webinars LLC

Adults with Disabilities and Mental Health | Supervision BCBA CEU Credits: 3

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Learn how to address barriers to community and build lasting friendships using ABA and ACT therapy with adults with disabilities. This presentation goes over common barriers, strategies to overcome them and tools to create lasting relationships.


Katherine Saint, PhD, LPC, BCBA-D, Katherine has her doctorate in Behavior Analysis and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Katherine presents locally and internationally on topics related to autism, mental health and behavior analysis. Katherine has a private practice focusing on mental health counseling and is the Director of Training at Fox Valley Autism Treatment Program in Appleton, WI. Katherine has designed college courses as well as published books and articles related to mental health. Katherine also teaches master level behavior analytic

courses at Pepperdine University.


Carlos Torres, B.S., Carlos is a published author, coach and Program Director of Transitions, a young adult program for people with disabilities. He creates curriculum and designs groups to develop social skills, vocation skills, leisure skills, and relationship skills. Carlos’ model for the young adult program has been studied and then replicated in Tokyo, Japan. Carlos presents locally and

internationally on working with young adults with disabilities.


1.     Identify ways to apply the 6 processes of act therapy to build community

2.     Identify tools to address emotional regulation issues

3.     Identify practical ways to build community using ABA strategies


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