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The Performance Diagnostic Checklist—Human Services (PDC-HS)

The Performance Diagnostic Checklist—Human Services (PDC-HS) stands as an invaluable tool for supervisors within the dynamic realm of human services, providing a systematic approach to discerning the environmental factors that may contribute to subpar employee performance. By adopting an informant-based assessment methodology, the PDC-HS empowers supervisors to delve into the intricacies of employee behavior, uncovering potential root causes behind both excessive and deficient performance.

Comprising four comprehensive sections, the checklist covers key dimensions critical to understanding and addressing performance issues:

  1. Training: This section scrutinizes the adequacy and effectiveness of employee training. It assesses whether employees possess the requisite knowledge and skills to perform their duties optimally.

  2. Task Clarification and Prompting: Here, the focus is on the clarity of assigned tasks and the presence of timely prompts. Ambiguities in task instructions and the absence of appropriate cues can significantly impact employee performance.

  3. Resources, Materials, and Processes: This section explores the availability and suitability of resources, materials, and operational processes. Insufficient resources or outdated procedures can impede employee productivity and contribute to performance challenges.

  4. Performance Consequences, Effort, and Competition: Examining the consequences of performance, the effort expended, and the competitive elements at play, this section delves into the motivational aspects influencing employee behavior.

The PDC-HS is meticulously designed to facilitate the identification of specific environmental variables linked to a particular performance concern. Armed with this knowledge, supervisors can then craft targeted interventions that directly address the identified issues. This tailored approach ensures that interventions are not only relevant but also aligned with the nuanced challenges faced by employees in the human services setting. Ultimately, the PDC-HS empowers supervisors to create a supportive and conducive work environment that enhances employee performance and fosters positive outcomes.

Understanding and Implementing the Performance Diagnostic Checklist (PDC)

This course, available through Behavior Webinars, offers an in-depth exploration of the Performance Diagnostic Checklist (PDC) and its adaptations (PDC-HS for Human Services and PDC-P for Parent Training). Participants will learn how to utilize the PDC to identify and address performance barriers in various settings, including human services, educational environments, and home-based interventions. The course covers the assessment process, designing and implementing targeted interventions, and monitoring and adjusting these interventions for sustained performance improvements. Through a combination of lectures, interactive activities, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will gain the skills needed to effectively apply the PDC in their professional practice.

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