How many credit hours equals a CEU for BCBAs?

Congratulations on attaining your Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification! As you embark on the journey of professional development through Continuing Education (CE), understanding the relationship between credit hours and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) is crucial. Let’s explore the specific guidelines for BCBAs and clarify how time spent in learning activities translates into CEUs.

Deciphering CEUs for BCBAs:

For BCBAs, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) adopts a standard where 1 CEU is equivalent to 50 minutes of content. This means that the conversion is based on the actual time spent in structured learning activities, and not the traditional 1 CEU to 60-minute hour convention.

How to Calculate CEUs for BCBAs:

To determine the number of CEUs earned for a particular activity, you can use the following formula:

Minutes of Content/50 = number of CEUS

For example, if you participate in a workshop that provides 300 minutes (5 hours) of content, the calculation would be:

300/50 = 6 CEUs

This approach ensures that BCBAs can precisely account for the time invested in professional development activities and accurately track their progress toward meeting the BACB’s CEU requirements.

Meeting BACB Requirements:

As a BCBA, you are required to accumulate a specified number of CEUs during each certification cycle. The BACB mandates a minimum of 32 CEUs in total, with specific requirements in content areas such as ethics, supervision, assessment, and intervention.

Choosing CE Activities:

When selecting CE activities, it’s essential to focus on quality content that aligns with the BACB’s guidelines. Choose activities provided by BACB Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) providers to ensure that the material meets the necessary standards for certification maintenance.

Record-Keeping for Audits:

Maintain meticulous records of your CE activities, including certificates of completion and any other relevant documentation. The BACB conducts random audits, and having organized records will facilitate the audit process if you are selected.

In conclusion, as a BCBA, understanding the unique calculation for CEUs (50 minutes of content = 1 CEU) is key to successfully navigating the certification maintenance process. By actively engaging in quality CE activities and staying informed about the BACB’s requirements, you not only fulfill your professional obligations but also contribute to your continuous growth and expertise in the field of behavior analysis.

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