How do I add CEUs to my BACB account?

As you embark on the path of maintaining your certification, one crucial aspect is the addition of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) portal. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of adding CEUs to the BACB and ensuring a seamless certification maintenance experience.

Step 1: Log into the BACB Gateway:

Navigate to the BACB Gateway ( and log in using your credentials. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one to access the certification maintenance portal.

Step 2: Access Certification Maintenance Dashboard:

Once logged in, find the Certification Maintenance Dashboard. This is the central hub where you’ll manage your CEUs and other certification maintenance requirements.

Step 3: Enter CEU Information:

  • Click on the section for adding or managing CEUs.
  • Select the option to “Add CEUs” or a similar phrase, depending on the specific terminology used on the portal.
  • Input the details of the CEU activity, including the title, provider, date, and duration of the activity.

Step 4: Verify ACE Provider Status:

If you earned your CEUs from an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider, ensure that the provider is recognized by the BACB. ACE providers adhere to the highest standards, ensuring the quality and relevance of the educational content.

Step 5: Upload Documentation:

Be prepared to upload supporting documentation for each CEU activity. This may include certificates of completion, attendance records, or any other relevant materials. The BACB may request this documentation during an audit, so it’s essential to keep these records organized.

Step 6: Review and Confirm:

Before submitting your CEUs, carefully review the information you’ve entered. Ensure accuracy in all details, as inaccuracies may lead to delays in processing.

Step 7: Submit for Approval:

Once you’ve verified the information, submit your CEUs for approval. The BACB will review your submission and update your certification maintenance status accordingly.

Step 8: Monitor Your Certification Maintenance Status:

Keep a close eye on your Certification Maintenance Dashboard to monitor the status of your CEUs. The BACB may update your information, and you can track your progress toward meeting the CEU requirements.

Additional Tips:

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check the BACB website for updates and announcements regarding certification maintenance requirements and processes.
  • Plan Ahead: Be proactive in adding your CEUs throughout your certification cycle to avoid any last-minute rushes.
  • Keep Records: Maintain a personal record of all your CEU activities, including certificates of completion and any supporting documentation. This will be invaluable in case of an audit.

By following these steps, you’ll navigate the process of adding CEUs to the BACB with confidence and ensure that you meet the necessary certification maintenance requirements. Remember, staying organized and proactive in managing your CEUs contributes not only to the upkeep of your certification but also to your ongoing professional development as a BCBA.

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