Act focused bundle: 15-credit bundle with ethics and supervision


Introducing our highly anticipated 2023 educational offering: the 15-credit bundle, complete with essential ethics and supervision credits. This program is strategically centered around the transformative framework of Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT). By delving into this innovative approach, participants will not only accrue valuable credits but also gain invaluable insights into harnessing the power of acceptance and commitment in various professional contexts.

Enrollment in this bundle provides exclusive access to a curated selection of courses meticulously designed to deepen your understanding and proficiency in ACT. Beyond the core curriculum, participants will also have the unique opportunity to explore the critical realms of ethics and supervision, adding a crucial layer of comprehensive education.

As we usher in this dynamic educational package, we invite both new and returning participants to embark on a journey that promises both personal growth and professional advancement. Join us in embracing the transformative potential of Acceptance and Commitment Training in 2023.

For our valued returning participants in our continuing education programs, we kindly request that you review the course list and confirm that you haven’t previously undertaken any of them with us.

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